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Why Wrestle?


Wrestling is a foundation sport like gymnastics. It develops basic and advanced athletic skills that help athletes excel in any other sport they play.  Lets be honest, football is King in Texas, so click here to see how wrestling helps Football Players specifically.

Wrestling develops mental toughness.  The intensity of training and competition build physical endurance as well as mental strength.  Very few sports have the mental stress like wrestling does.

Wrestling builds discipline.  Clean eating, hard training, and repetition are needed to succeed at the highest levels.

Wrestling is essential for self defense.  Wrestlers have the ability to control a situation that has escalated and without causing physical harm.

Wrestling is fun.  If you put two small children together for an extended period of time, they will wrestle.  Whether on the ground, the bed, a trampoline, or a couch, they will wrestle.

Wrestling provides the opportunity to further your education.  Many colleges have scholarships for student athletes who excel at wrestling.

Wrestling creates character.  In this sport, sometimes you are the hammer and sometimes you are the nail.  Getting beat in one on one combat is personal and it is very humbling.  Athletes learn how to lose with grace.

Wrestling wears kids out!  Even kids with the most excess energy, find themselves wore out from this grueling sport.  If your kid is the kind that bounces off the walls, you might enjoy seeing them a little more calm, cool and collected after practice.

Wrestling is a smaller sport so it is a tight nit group.  The friendships that come from wrestling keep the kids loving practice.

Wrestling is a team sport as well as an individual sport.  Athletes learn to be a part of a team but also learn how to compete on their own.

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